about the artist

eric allabyEric Allaby

Grand Manan Island, in the Bay of Fundy, is the home of marine artist Eric Allaby, who has spent his working life on, under and around the sea. He taught industrial drafting in school, then spent several years as an underwater archaeologist, before turning to the fishing industry full time. All through this, he worked as a diver for the herring weir fishery, and throughout the years worked at depicting the sea in paintings.

Having done his formal training in science – a degree in Physics – he credits the study of physics with helping to understand the nature of light and color, the nature of waves and the interplay of light and water. With much of his working life on and around the sea, he has a good understanding of the structure and function of boats and marine gear.

“I see a seascape as an interpretation of how light acts on and through water, and so I put special emphasis on this. Because of this emphasis, the water in my paintings comes to life for many who view and enjoy marine paintings”.

Eric Allaby was also active in public life, having represented his area in the Legislature of the Province of New Brunswick from 1987 – 2006.